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When a customer has a need...regardless of its nature...the people at Klatt naturally want to offer assistance. That’s the reason behind the uncommonly wide range of service offerings we’ve developed since our founding in 1975. A sampling of the most popular options is listed below, but in practice the list does not end until every problem is solved and each customer is fully satisfied.

  • Preventive maintenance- Klatt specialists can perform a complete program of maintenance tasks in accordance with manufacturers’ recommended schedules. This is an important safeguard against costly breakdowns in the future, while offering documented proof that equipment is maintained properly for safety’s sake
  • Repair- the on-site efforts of experienced, fully equipped Klatt repairmen can restore dock equipment from any manufacturer to working order
  • Installation- factory-trained installation crews, with decades of experience, are available to install any item we sell
  • Parts- Klatt is a stocking parts distributor for all major manufacturers of dock plates and overhead doors
  • Remodeling/Renovation- the scope of our rebuilding and renewal services goes far beyond what you’d expect of a dock and door distributor. Options include repair and complete replacement of metal buildings, plus the installation of guard rails and concrete work anywhere in a customer facility.

From the tiniest hex nut to complete “make readies” of trucking terminals for owners or end users, Klatt’s complete capabilities are as near as a phone call. An excellent way to access this comprehensive service is through a Dock Plus Audittm, a no-obligation service that mobilizes a Klatt dock and door specialist to completely assess a facility from the dock inward. To initiate one, simply click here or contact us at 800-769-7626.


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